PARK IN RIO  (IRINI PSILOU) I ntention   of   the   course   was   the   planning   of   a   park   based   on   the   idea   of   the optics.   The   plot   is   rectangle,   is   found   next   to   the   casino   of   Rio   and   its   one   end reaches   the   sea.   Aiming   at   the   creation   of   different   optics,   the   initial   thought   was the   mapping   out   of   diagonals.   The   carrefour   of   diagonals   created   a   triangular grid.   Then   the   rectangle   plot   was   separated   in   triangular   parts   and   a   puzzle   out of   triangles   was   created.   On   this   grid   I   organized   a   route   that   creates   different optics    from    its    every    spot.    This    route    leads    to    intermediate    squares,    and subsequently   these   squares   lead   to   specific   facilities.   The   hotel   also   follows   the concept   above.   The   hotel   constists   of   a   strip   that   changes   its   position   on   every floor creating interesting open and semi-open-air spaces.
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