MEDITERRANEAN SQUARE (IRINI PSILOU) T he subject of the course was the planning of ''The Mediterranean square'' in the space where today lies the central harbour of Patras. This is found at the end of the road of Saint Nikolaos. Saint Nikolaos is a busy pedestrian precinct in the centre of Patras in which exist mainly shops and spaces of recreation. After the careful observation of the region at all the duration of a typical dayI recorded the crowd and age of persons that moved in the centre of the city as well as the direction and frequency of their movements. This study of movements of persons in the urban web led to the need that this movements should extend itself also in the sea. So there were created 3 tentacles which begin from the extension of axes of 3 streets that lead into the sea. The choice of this streets became through the analysis of the uses of the wider region. The central axis is the extension of Saint Nikolaos that is mainly a space of walk and recreation. Thus the central piece of the composition is a space of walk. The left axis is the extension of the road Ermoy. Ermoy street is a commercial street with mainly shops of clothing and footwear. Thus the left axis of the composition is commercial. Finally the right axis is the extension of the road Aratoy. Aratoy is a street in whichone can find mainly services. Therefore in the right axis of the composition I placed the harbour for only passenger cruise-ships. These 3 tentacles-routes, like the movements in the city are crossed, involved, are sunk or raised. Some of the buildings create in their loft routes that link the 3 tentacles with each other.
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